We create software, You build the Future.

We support companies and entrepreneurs to realize their projects, unleash their growth, and support their transformation by building the technology they need.

Vizir Labs, provides open, flexible, cloud-native software and IOT solutions for any businesses.

Solutions For Users

Get you own cloud space and applications in just a few clicks with our Vizir.cloud service.

Solutions For Developers

Easily create great software with our open source Vizir.io cloud application platform and SDK.

Solutions For Founders

You've got great ideas? We've got great technologies. Let's team up for success!

We mean Business!

Your Business Is Special. It Deserves A Specific Solution.

Thanks to our software blocks based technology we can build state of the art native cloud applications for any business. Our industry agnostic approach makes our solutions very flexible and scalable while being affordable and user friendly.

Areas Of Expertise


Stock Management, Suppliers Management, CRM, POS, Shipping Management...


Inventory Management, Booking Engine, Property Monitoring, Traveller Experience Enhancement...

Food & Drink

E-Menu System, Click and Collect Management, Supply Management, Booking System...


Process Planning, GPS Tracking, Shipping Management, Route Optimisation...

Web & Digital Communication

Site Builder, Media Planning, News Letter Management, Custom CMS...

Software Development

Barebone Applications, Data Management, Low Code Plateform, Cloud Application SDK...